teds woodworking projects
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Teds Woodworking Projects

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The reason why Teds Woodworking created is to give you the best chance of building your project quick and amazing, the first time you see it. You can find a lot of cool free projects here.

Make woodcraft easy and simple with step by step plans with detailed instructions. Everyone can understand the schema.

 Get access to amazing collection of teds woodworking and build anything you like with 16000 different projects! 

teds woodworking projects
teds woodworking projects
What is Teds Woodworking Plans?

Ted is a professional woodworker trainer.

Woodworking is special for people and everyone should know the wood chopping and understand the foundation. He has received many awards for his many projects. He spends all his life on woodworking projects and he has more than 16000 woodworking plans ready.

Why You should buy Teds Plan?

Think about it, or google for price research.

A single project is sold for $5 on Amazon. Ted offers you 4 bonus with teds plans which will cost only $47( Special Discount)

This is the book! I read a lot of books about this field, but the others were not detailed or there was always something wrong. I was stuck somewhere, and I was giving up as usual.

Currently, I have performed my woodworking projects and I can even sell them. I would like to thank Ted because he has turned me from amateur to professional with his plans.

Whenever my customers ask about the specific project, the only thing I do is enter the ted in site and find the plan according to your request.

What You Will Receive?
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The standard price is $67 but here you get a $20 discount. Teds Woodworking Projects only For $47

You will always need it!
Teds Offer

Lifetime Monthly Plans

Each month, you’ll get to download new plans for free. Covers a wide range of projects

Teds Offer

16,000 Different  Projects

With step by step details. plans, templates, cutting materials lists and many more

Teds Offer

Woodworking Lessons

Get in-depth woodworking training by master craftsman. Learn at your own pace

Teds Offer

150 Premium Video Classes

Get access to technique lessons plus step by step videos on building projects

Why Is The Best?

Access From Anywhere!

You can easily save the plans file to your computer or print them out and you will able to access the plans from anywhere.
You can make hard projects in secret and shortest way also you can view the plans in both PDF and DWG. The plans are mobile and tablet friendly that you do not have to have a computer to view.

The DWG program is included in woodworking plans and  We highly recommend Teds Woodworking if you are looking for cheap access to all the woodworking plans you could ever want. We find it pretty amazing that this program has 16,000 plans at this price.


Woodworking plans for people who like DIY projects.

Most of the plans are labeled “beginner”, “intermediate” and “advanced” which is helpful.

If you do not have experience or you did not make any woodworking projects, this is a pretty good plan for you because beginner projects included.

You want to be a professional carpenter.

You can pick your dream project from the plans and make them real.

See the list of the plans here.

At the end of the day, if you do the odd DIY project or dabble in woodworking, this is a decent set of plans to have in your inventory.

What Customers Are Saying...

God bless you, Ted. You saved me tons of money. I almost went to bought an overpriced side table until I saw your plans. Thanks for all the great ideas. It’s gonna keep me occupied for a long time. 🙂

Andrew Furman

OMG! I liked your all projects but some of them are in low video quality. Could you fix them? I recommend everyone to buy teds woodworking projects. Unfortunately, I was not able to find these projects anywhere else.

Jami Kohar

Learn How To Create 1 2, 3 3 4 DIY Woodworking Projects

Woodworking planDon’t Pay A Lot!

Once you make research on google, you will see plenty of plans and instructions out there but the only carpenters can understand what is going on. I was very surprised because there is no single woodworking plan I could understand.  I just gave up after trying them!

Some of them are just a few simple images, therefore, you’re expected to figure out everything else on your own.

No diagrams, no 3D drawings, no lists. 

The woodworking plans allow you to learn step by step detailed plans which you will understand all.

Would You Like To See Some Free Woodworking Plans?

With no monthly membership costs and fees.

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teds woodworking projects